Vineyards stretch out over approximately 40 hectares justsouth of Garda Lake, between Desenzano and Sirmione.

Lugana Vine from Sustainable Supply Chain - Perla del Garda

Sustainable Production Chain…Tradition and Innovation

Perla del Garda is the evolution of an ambitious idea of bringing the vineyards back to the morainic hills of our farmlands.
Ancient prints and cadastral maps bear witness to a tradition which recognizes the vine growing and wine production in this stony, arid soil.
The logic of our production is based on the fundamental principle
that winemaking begins in the vineyard, abandoning pre-established schedules
and taking into account the climatic conditions of each year,
according to the heed and wisdom of our family tradition.

Lugana Producers Winery - Perla del Garda

Hands and Gravity…Gravity-Flow Winery

Harvesting of the grapes by hand between August and November and the gravity-flow technique of wine making, are the two mainstays of our production method.
The decision to certify the production chain is an act of transparency and honesty towards the consumer. A vineyard of about 8 hectares out of 40 has been organically farmed since 2013 and with the 2016 vintage we produced our first wine, called BIO, made with certified organic grapes of the Turbiana variety.

Sustainable Winery with Fall Vinification - Perla del Garda

Perla del Garda offers educational opportunities and experiences with tastings.